Frequency inverter Optidrive Outdoor IP66 3-fasig - 4,00kW

Frequency inverter Optidrive Outdoor IP66 3-fasig - 4,00kW

Item No. 3057010062
ODE-3-240095-3F4X IP66 3x400 in - 3x 400 out 4Kw 9.5A
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ODE-3-240095-3F4X IP66 3x400 in - 3x 400 out 4Kw 9.5A
  • For optimum adjustment of any 3-phase pool pump. Ensures the most favorable energy consumption (energy saving), less noise and better filtration due to low speed
  • Equipped with quality EMC filter and by the latest technology even more resistant to heat (environmental factors from -10 to 40°C)
  • 3 preset speeds are easy to control and operate, a wide range of power is available
  • High quality housing (IP66/Nema), suitable for wall mounting
Good to know

Tips for optimal use
Backwashing should be done at full power. However, if, for example, the cover is closed, filtering can be done at the lowest speed, if the cover is open at an intermediate speed.

With the Optidrive frequency inverters, an energy saving of 50% is quickly achieved by reducing the supplied number of Hz. In order to realize the most optimal savings, the pump must be ‘learned’. An energy saving of no less than 70% is achievable.

Tips for optimal installation
The power of the frequency inverter must be at least equal to the motor power consumption (see P1 or pump current consumption plate). However, it is much better to apply a step larger, for a longer lifespan. A frequency inverter has a longer lifespan if it can properly dissipate its own developed heat, so it is important not to place it in a (too) warm environment.

A frequency inverter can generate interference signals, which can be suppressed by using a shielded cable (from pump to frequency inverter). Interference signals generated by the frequency converter are also discharged to earth, which can cause problems with the earth leakage circuit breaker. By applying a type B circuit breaker, the influences of the regulator will not be seen by the earth leakage circuit breaker, it will therefore not switch off incorrectly.

Input Voltage 400V AC TRI
Output Voltage 400V AC Tri
Motor Power 4 kw
Max. Power 4 W
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