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Self-priming pump with prefilter
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Self-priming pump with prefilter

  • After manufacture, all pumps are tested in open air (guaranteed sealing) and immersed in water for at least 10 minutes to verify hydraulic and electrical performance
  • Fitted with a flexible pump basket
  • Equipped with 5-wire cable to control speed and stop function externally by means of potential-free contacts
  • Energy-efficient pump with adjustable speed

Proven quality

100 % of our components are checked before being used in production (quality of the raw materials, dimensions, appearance, etc.), After production, all our pumps are tested in the open air (guarantees the seal) and immersed in water for at least 10 minutes to check their hydraulic and electrical performance. As we value the importance of the quality of our products, we offer a 5-year guarantee (except bearings and capacitor) on the motor and a 3 year warranty on the rest of the pump. All our products are EC and ROHS certified.

Flexible pocket filter

The Flexible Pocket Filter is held in place in the “prefilter” basket by a semi-rigid retaining collar. This holds the Flexible Pocket Filter securely in place in the pre filter Basket.

Other benefits

  • With its very fine mesh, the Flexible Pocket Filter system captures even the smallest particles that could otherwise cause the pump to malfunction, causing premature wear or blockage.
  • Impact on the pump: circuit breaker tripped, capacitor or motor failure.


  • Ideal for pool commissioning: the Flexible Pocket Filter traps any construction debris.
  • Improved pump protection during manual vacuum cleaning,
  • The Flexible Pocket Filter is compatible with all our VIPool pump models with prefilter.
  • Easy to install and replace.
Warranty 3 years warranty
5 years motor warranty
Weight 17 kg
Variable Speed Yes
Performance at 2850 RPM
Capacity 21,5 m³/h (at 8 mwc)
Power Input 0.85 kW
Power Output 0.765 kW
Max Current 3.6 A
Connection IN 50 mm F
Connection OUT 50 mm F
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