Salt & Swim 2.0 - SV33

Salt & Swim 2.0 - SV33

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New generation of salt electrolysis
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New generation of salt electrolysis

  • The entry-level model for the application of salt electrolysis in private swimming pools, developed jointly by manufacturers Sugar Valley and Hayward
  • Chlorine production adjustable in 5 steps, monitoring is important
  • Reduce chlorine production once the cover is closed
  • Alarm management for (too low) salinity and on flow
  • With LED display for user-friendly installation and control
  • The pre-programmed LEDs and colors immediately visually indicate the status of the device and the current chlorine production
  • Internal gas detection, integrated in the cell
  • Enclosure with IP65 tightness class
  • Available in 4 models with chlorine productions from 8 to 33 grams/hour
How does it work?

Blue led: Generation of chlorine

Green led: Chlorine Shock activated

Violet led: The shutter is closed and the chlorine generation is programmable

Good to know

Salt electrolysis is not chlorine-free swimming.

A salt electrolysis chlorinator disinfects without the sometimes unpleasant side effects of chlorine, such as odor, skin and eye irritations, making the condition of the swimming pool water more pleasant. The big advantage is that (slightly) salt water is very healthy for the skin. A condition for the proper functioning of a salt electrolysis system is a stable and correct pH value. That is why it is advisable to always apply a pH control in combination with a salt electrolysis chlorinator. Can only be used at private swimming pools.

At the start of the swimming season, the prescribed number of grams of salt (depending on the type of dosage) must be dosed per liter of bath volume. Subsequently, only minimal salt needs to be added to compensate for the lost water (e.g. loss due to backwashing). When the salt water flows through the electrolysis cell, the clorinator ensures that the salt is converted into a disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite). The disinfectant is then converted back into salt and the cycle can start again, without loss of salt. The dosage can be set yourself.

Maximum Pool Volume 150
Display LED
pH measurement No
Redox measurement No
Free chlorine measurement No
Temperature measurement No
Additional contacts Yes
Flow monitoring Yes
Alarm notifications Yes
Internet module No
Protection Class IP65
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